About Zlatibor

Zlatibor - the mountain plateau of the golden Föhren - belongs to the Dinaric Uplands in the west of Serbia and is located about 240 km from Belgrade and 340km from the Montenegrin Adriatic coast. The mountains are bounded by the rivers Đetinja in the north and Uvac in the south. The highest peak is the Tornik with a height of 1496 m. The region encompasses vast, scenic mountain pastures and meadows with scattered pine trees and is interspersed with shallow streams and rivers. The plateau is bordered by impassable ravines and caves and is surrounded by mixed forests of forest and black pines, spruce, fir, beech, sessile oak and other tree species. Zlatibor is rich in various life forms, a variety of endemic plants. The wildlife of the region includes, for example, the dice snake, the Balkan frog, the crested tit, the peanut, the wasp buzzard, the dipper, otters, wolves and foxes. In addition, the Zlatibor region is characterized by its folk architecture, culture and tradition, its diverse ethnic heritage, culinary specialties and mild climate, making Zlatibor famous for its good air and making the region one of the most popular tourist destinations in Serbia ,

Zlatibor is known for many culinary delights and handmade clothing with specific local themes. The culinary art of the region is characterized by traditional dishes and specialties. 'Proja' (cornbread made from local whole wheat flour), 'Domaca Pita' (home-made puff pastry cake, spicy and sweet); Complete lepinja (sliced ​​homemade flatbread filled with Kajmak - cream butter, whipped egg and Prijetop - dripping lamb or pork - and baked in the oven), Prsut (air dried cured ham), Sudzuk (strong spiced raw sausage from beef or veal and lamb), Kajmak (cream butter), ajvar (paprika chutney), kiselo mleko (homemade yoghurt), kacamak (polenta with yoghurt or milk), teletina ispod saca (veal or lamb with potatoes and vegetables in clay pot on hot embers 2-5 hours) , Jagnjece Pecenje (lamb in the whole on embers), Sljivovica (plum brandy) i Ljuta (Zwetschkenschnaps double-burned).


The apartments Mozart & Vienna are located at a height of just over 1,000 meters. A mild climate under the influence of Mediterranean air currents makes Zlatibor one of the most popular and well-known climatic health resorts. Characterized by a cool mountain climate, clean air, long sunny periods in summer and a heavy snow cover in winter. With over 2,000 hours of sunshine per year, the stay supports the cure of bronchial asthma, chronic bronchitis, asthenia, anemia, thyroid and lung diseases.

The area offers facilities such as sports fields, tennis courts, indoor and outdoor pool, dinosaur climbing park, numerous playgrounds and outdoor activities such as quad biking, carting, horse riding, skiing, ice skating, pedal boating and many cycling and hiking trails, as well as excursion destinations. Also extreme sports such as paragliding and rafting are offered on Zlatibor.

Zlatibor is a mountainous region situated in the western part of Serbia.

Zlatibor is an important tourist area of ​​Serbia, with resources for health tourism, skiing and hiking. The main city of the region is Užice, located at the foothills of the mountain, and most of the area belongs to the municipality of Cajetina. Town of Zlatibor has become a full-fledged urban location.